06-Jun-2014 : Today Bee Tube has been forked into not one nor two but three new applications, code named Bee Tamil, Bee Telugu and Bee Kids.
The first two apps will stream contents for Indian audience where as the later is for international audience that stream contents like rhymes and full length cartoons.
All three apps are expected to be released by the end of this month.


v 2.0.2 (under development)

  • Pagination support for movie list page – Limited number of content will be loaded to the list. More content can be loaded by selecting a ‘load more’ button at the end of the list. This is necessary to keep up the app performance.
  • Settings has bigger menu items to make selections more accurate.
  • New splash screen
  • performance tuning

Beta released to Play Store on 06/06/2014

v 2.0.1 (current version in play store)

  •  Improved Performance
  •  Ad Support

Release Date: 06/03/2014

v 2.0.0

Bee Tube 2.0 is the first major update for Bee Tube. It sports a brand new user interface and a bunch of new features. 

  • New categories are added to organize contents under more meaningful sections.
  • From the settings menu users can now choose the categories of interest. Only chosen categories will be shown in home screen.
  • Users can now mark a video as favorite and it will be available under a new category called ‘Favorites’ in the home screen
  • Sharing is good karma: Added better ways to share content with friends.
  • Users can now provide feedback and request content/category using the ‘Contact Us’ form available in the settings menu.
  • Bee Tube blog can now be accessed easily from settings menu
  • Help us grow with a magical touch of your finger. From the settings menu, choose ‘Tell your friend’ to share Bee Tube download link in your favorite social networking site.

Release Date: 06/01/2014.


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