What is Bee Tube?


Bee Tube is a Free Android mobile application to watch videos which are hand picked from major video-sharing websites and categorized under various titles of your interest.


Get it on Google Play  Bee Tube / Android  Bee Tube / Android


Why Bee Tube? 


Everybody likes to watch interesting videos and lot of them are available over internet, scattered across hundreds of thousands of websites. This makes finding a video of your interest very difficult and time consuming. Sometimes you would like to just watch some videos but you will not have anything particular in mind to search; all you want to do is watch something to pass time. Bee Tube addresses these issues by taking care of the pain part of searching the internet and providing the users with quality content every day. Now you can take your phone out and start watching videos you like without doing a search. It’s time to ‘Stop searching and start watching’.


Who chooses the content and category?


Content comes to Bee Tube in two ways.
  1. A dedicated team looks for videos in major video-sharing websites, pick quality videos, categorize them and make them available in Bee Tube app.
  2. Bee Tube allows users to share content from other video apps like Youtube. Shared videos are reviewed by the Bee Tube team for quality. Eligible videos will be categorized and made available for viewing.
In both the cases, contents are reviewed to make sure they are of utmost quality.




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stop searching & start watching